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Kaley Warner Klemp


Kaley is a highly sought after speaker, certified YPO Forum Facilitator, and transformational executive coach. She is a master Enneagram specialist, helping individuals and organizations outperform their competitors by unlocking a deeper understanding of what motivates and drives people. She is thrilled to bring her transformational training online with her Enneagram and conscious leadership courses.

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Introduction to the Enneagram

Learn the basics of the 9-type personality system with the Enneagram course, and apply it to your life by meeting with an Enneagram expert



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An introduction to the 9-type personality system, with a series of lessons: one on the system as a whole and one for each of the nine personality types. 

Each course has a mix of 1-5 minute video segments and text descriptions that explore aspects of each personality type in a succinct and understandable way. 

Each course is accompanied be a written course guide to reinforce what you are learning and provide space for notes.




Get access to the Enneagram course


a 30-minute call with an Enneagram expert to discuss your personality type






Get access to the Enneagram course


three 30-minute calls with an Enneagram expert to discuss your personality type, how it relates to other types on the Enneagram, and how it influences both personal and professional relationships


Unlock Personality Insights with the Enneagram Course

What you'll get out of the self-paced, digestible course

Understand the 9-Type Personality System

Get grounded with an introduction to the Enneagram as a whole. Understand the symbol, how the nine types are related, and how stress affects behavior. 

Dive Deep Into Each of the 9 Types

You’ll learn how each type shows up in the real world, what it’s like to work with each type, and what you can do to bring out the best in yourself and others.

Build Context for How You Operate

Discover which Enneagram types operate from each Center of Intelligence: instinctive (gut), heart, and head. This will offer insight into how you make decisions.

Expert Instruction and Support

Each 6-minute module in the series includes short videos facilitated by transformational executive coach, Kaley Klemp, and is accompanied by a written course guide.


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